The Best Wedding Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Quite indisputably, a wedding dress may be the first thing that guests would usually notice in a bride who’s walking down the aisle, but there indeed is no bridal look that looks complete without the help of a few wedding accessories. If you are a bride-to-be who fancies stealing the show on her wedding day, then it is imperative to add those seamless touches (classy wedding accessories) to the wedding dress in order to create an elegant wedding look.

We have put forward a compiled list of 5 of our most favourite wedding accessories that will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you look outstanding in your wedding gown on your big day! Read further to know more.

1. The headband

It is a good idea to try out some uniquely styled headbands on the wedding day. Although many brides do prefer going the traditional way of wearing veils, there are a few who choose to experiment with creatively styled headbands. For instance, a whimsical floral crown made from elegant roses and vine is a handsome accessory to glam up your style.

Feel free to choose a style that reflects your taste and preference. You can think of giving a vintage look or you may perhaps choose to do with a contemporary style. Be confident and stylish!

2. Wedding clutch bags

Broadly speaking, wedding clutches are a personal favourite of many brides who choose to outshine on their big day. There is something about these clutches that help brides to look stylish, confident and brave on the wedding day. Best wedding clutch bags will not only help you to amp up your bridal look, but it will also aid in carrying the wedding day essentials.

A few of the trending designer wedding clutches include crystal embedded clutch bags perfect for formal occasions. But, of course, you can also get a customized designer clutch bag as per your requirements.

3. Following the tradition of keeping something blue

The tradition of the bride wearing something blue on her big day is ongoing till date. Although the tradition may be old, the brides of the 21st century are opting for creative ways to keep up with the tradition and at the same time maintain a fashionable and zesty look. It is a good idea to accessorize the wedding gown with some cool blue shoes or boots. Doesn’t matter what, ensure that you stick to something in blue with the idea of accessorizing.

4. A cute jacket

Many designers reckon that the idea of wearing a super cute looking jacket or an elegant Pashmina shawl will do a fabulous job in accentuating the overall look of a wedding dress. Brides love wearing a stylish and contemporary looking jacket made of fur as it creates a trendy designer bridal style. Remember to opt for neutral patterns and colors for a subtle look.

5. Keep it simple with your jewelry

One of the latest trends in wedding jewelries is about matching the metals with a wedding dress. For instance, there are certain metals that go really well with specific dress styles and colors. While the standard rule is to opt for ivory in combination with gold, you can also experiment with silver or platinum accents. Ensure that you keep it simple and subtle. Don’t overdo the jewelries.

The Bottom line

Many brides become impulsive and emotional and choose to wear plenty of accessories on their big day; however, it doesn’t really do well with the bridal look. Remember, the role of accessories has been just to add an unprecedented touch to your wedding dress. None of your accessories should look out of the place and intimidating. Keep it simple. Period.

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