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Ways To Makeover Your Wardrobe For The New Year

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With a new year beginning, many people view this time as a fresh start in many aspects of their life. Some people want to lose weight, some want to find their dream job and others probably are looking for ways to reinvent their style with a new look. Since the holidays are not cheap with all of the gift giving involved, very few fashionistas have the financial resources to invest in an all new wardrobe. Luckily there are a few things that you can add to your wardrobe to give your clothes a fresh new look for the new year and a new you.


It was evident by how many designers displayed horizontal and vertical stripes in their designs during fashion week this winter that rocking stripes this year will be stylish and trendy. Depending on your shape and size, find a vertical or horizontal striped blouse or skirt to add to your wardrobe to give it an update. Just remember that stripes can be tricky to wear and it is important to know how to wear them.

Rocker Chic

One of the more bold and brave trends that is coming in the new year is that of the glam 80s rocker. From leather and animal prints to big hair and even bigger hats, this trend is fun and funky. Next time you are at your local vintage shop look for scarves, any neon colors, oversized jeans and jackets (maybe even with some shoulder pads) to add to your wardrobe makeover. Channel your inner rocker with a few of these items that any concert goer would be a fan of.

Flower Power

Designers like Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, and Jason Wu all created designs which put floral prints at the forefront of fashion week. If you don’t already own a floral dress or two, pick yourself up a few floral items to be up to date with this new and flirty fashion trend.

Something Vintage

As the old saying goes, someone’s trash is another person’s treasure and that is what the world of vintage is all about. You can never go wrong with a gently used pre-loved and vintage handbag and tote. The idea of having something that is no longer being mass-produced and is high quality is a beautiful notion and having a few vintage items adds some character to any wardrobe.

Now that you have a few of these style trends to look for, start shopping to update that wardrobe of yours from drab to fab for the new year. Add a few pieces of a couple of these trends to make sure that you start your year with a fresh update to your wardrobe.

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