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Different Ways to Buy Fancy Sarees


When you are planning to buy a fancy saree, you must be careful of several factors. Apart from the budget, the fabric, design draping style, there are important points to consider. Let us now understand the different things to consider before buying fancy sarees.


If you are buying sarees for the winter season, you can go with heavy saree like brocade or silk. Otherwise, you can simply go with chiffons, georgette or cotton sarees. You must be careful of your body type while selecting your fabric. When you are little heavy in nature, try to go with the light fabrics.

Cut, Print, or Design

Make sure that the design print and cut of the saree suits you best. If you are plus size, you can go for smaller prints instead of the larger ones. Deep shades and vertical lines can also be teamed up in your sarees. If you are slimmer and taller in nature, go for the large prints.

Draping Style

Yes, the draping style is also a very essential thing to consider. You should have to carefully choose the kind of fancy saree you are going to buy. If you want some less messy saree, you can go pleat-less. There are readymade sarees available on the market, which are known as the lehenga saree. When you want to go with Seedha pallu, try sarees with heavy dupatta. The simple pallu saree can easily be worn traditionally with light dupatta.

Border of Sarees

Simple and sleek borders go well with everyone. If you are taller, you can surely flaunt the heavy borders. With broad and heavy borders, short women will appear shorter. While deciding the fancy saree for party, you will have to take care of your height also.


While choosing the color, you will have to keep some factors in mind. The weather, occasion and the personality are some of the factors. You must take care of your skin complexion while choosing the color of the sarees. The dark colored sarees will make you look slimmer than you actually are. For parties, brighter shades are ideal. For summers, try to go with pastel shades.

Jewelry and Accessories

The jewelry and the accessories should properly match with the sarees. This can add glamour with your fancy sarees easily. Your earrings, purse, hair clip footwear, bag etc should go well with your saree. In parties a sleek neckpiece and a long chandelier earring will work wonders. You can style your hair from plaits to buns and should obviously suit well with your saree. Try to look sensual as well as trendy by complimenting your hairstyle with the choice of your saree.

Nail Art

This is a very modern art for styling up your nails. You can simply look stylish with a little manicure and adding a simple fashion element. Try to match the color of your saree by crating your nail art. When you are going for parties, go for glitters in your nails or a solid polish with trendy nail art concept.

Make Up

You should never forget your make up! Before applying the makeup, try to clean up and moisturize your face properly. Then you can add the primer, foundation, base make up etc. one after the other.

You can really create a glamorous look in the parties if you can take care of the above mentioned factors. Your accessories should always complement your saree and should never overshadow it. The vibrant colors and the heavy detailing in the sarees will surely turn heads in the parties!

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