Five Terrific Reason to Try the Brand New EOS Lip Flavors

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The lips are an important part of the body. Everyone wants smooth lips that feel good. Chapped lips are unappealing and uncomfortable. Fortunately, today’s fun loving fashionistas can get rid of their chapped lips in comfort and style. They can turn to EOS lip balm. EOS is all about people who know and understand what people want in a lip balm. It’s also about making lip balm fun from the very time someone sees it to when they put it on their lips. As many people who write an EOS lip balm review have discovered, this is one company that cares about their clients and wants them to enjoy the wonderful products they make for millions of happy fans. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to try their latest creations.

They’re Really Beautiful

EOS lip balm is known for many things. One of the things they are most famous for is their innovative packaging. They want their clients to be surprised and delighted. The new packages are no different. Like other EOS products, they are gently held in a rounded package that exudes fall holiday glow. Colors like soft shades of ivory, vivid tangerine and sky blue paired with bands of subtle brown are elegant and lovely.

Fabulous Softness

Not only are the lip balms wonderful to look at, they’re also wonderfully soft. Softness is crucial when it comes to protecting the lips against chaffing. These lip balms offer when people need to have lips that feel moisturized and hydrated even when the wind hits and it gets really cold outside. The new products have been reformulated to offer even better protection and better hydration. Unlike some other products that can feel greasy on the lips, these products are nothing of the sort. They go on smoothly and stay smooth as long as the person uses them.

Great Ingredients

Fabulous lip balm also contains amazing ingredients. When people buy these new EOS flavors, they’re getting lip balms made with the finest possible ingredients. Shae butter is known to have healing qualities. It’s also known to help keep lips smooth all day long. The same is true cocoa butter, another ingredient in the EOS products. Such ingredients go on quickly and feel great against the lips. They also make it easy to keep them on hand and ready to go at any time.

Enticing Flavors

One of the best things about these new lip balms are the terrific flavors that bring the joys of the crisp weather to life. Vanilla bean has a pleasing scent that many people understandably love. Pumpkin spice wafts up and makes people relax the second they open it. Other ingredients like pomegranate seed oil also bring the lip balm to another level. Antioxidant vitamins also make it easy to protect the person’s lips from the harsh weather of winter. These ingredients offer the highest possible lip protection for today’s busy men and women.

Limited Editions Make Excellent Gifts

With the holidays coming up, gift giving is on people’s minds. These new products also make excellent stocking stuffers. The limited edition new holiday collection has been specially designed to fit into the holiday season and bring it to bright life. They can fit into a handbag with ease. They also have a great shine to them that adds just a hint of shimmer to any holiday look. Shine is right this time of year when people look for ways to bring more light into their lives. Give them to friends and family this winter holiday season.

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