How Technology Will Benefit Your Wedding

Technology Benefit Your Wedding

Everyone longs to have a dream wedding—the day when they will say “I do” to their long-time partner and to a lifetime commitment. But planning for that day can be dreadful for most couples. All that coordinating with guests, entourage, principal and secondary sponsors, and others can be stressful, luckily all that has changed with the influx of wedding technology. Now, the bride and the groom will not have to worry much and let technology handle everything.

Technology has changed the way weddings are planned. While the flowers and the souvenirs are still there, most of the things done with pen and paper have started to embrace technology—from the wedding video editing to planning the reception, technological advancements have made its presence felt in ensuring the best wedding for the couple. In this article, we shall take a look at the impact of technology in changing the landscape of wedding planning.

Live Feeds

Invited to the wedding but could not make it because of unforeseen circumstances or sickness? Well, do not fret because technology has paved the way for those who cannot make it to the big event can still become witnesses to the union of the couple. With technology, you can invite others to a viewing party and watch the exchange of vows remotely. All you need is a password-protected live stream link on a wedding website or YouTube channel and presto you get a blow by blow account of the ceremony in its entirety.

Branded Weddings

You may not be as popular as Prince Harry and Megan Markel but technology can make you as popular as the royal couple even for just a day. Create a hash tag for your wedding and let the Twitter world know about your momentous day. Wedding hash tags require long planning. The hashtag craze started in 2013 and has now become a great tool for sharing pictures or events. You can utilize hashtags to help your guests find your reception or church.

3-Dimensional Wedding

Although relatively new in the wedding scene, 3D technology is starting to become popular in all aspects of wedding ceremonies. Picture this: cake designs being projected from a 3D projector. In times when the couple just cannot seem to find a theme for their wedding, 3D technology will come and save the day. 3-dimensional technology has also been evident in cake toppers, customized edibles, and wedding souvenirs. A 3D topped cake can be a great way to save up on your wedding expenses.

The Drone Up There

Drones can help compensate for the lack of a camera crew for your wedding. Attached to the photographer’s camera, drone technology can take snapshots of the wedding from angles that their human counterparts cannot position themselves. They can take an aerial view of the ceremony, take a picture of your cake, or give the wedding event a cinematic effect. They can even be the ring bearer during your ceremony when you forgot to get one. Drones can be attached to the jacket of the groom to capture special moments like the exchange of the rings and vows. Technology has even made it possible for the couple and their families to revisit the wedding using a VR headset.

Animated Photo Booths

Technology has paved the way for the dawning of the animated photo booths. For the millennial couple who wants the best moments in their wedding captured, GIF booths can take your wedding into the next level. These booths come with special video equipment that can turn still photos into 3-6 second animated videos capturing the goofy actions of the guests. You can easily share the photos to your email or social media accounts.

Online Wishlists

Online wedding registries have eliminated the problem of guests having to guess what the couple wants for their wedding. Gone are the days when guests would have to show up at the reception carrying their gifts to the newly-weds. Your guests can now have their gifts delivered directly to the couples’ doorstep.

Electronic Invitations

Wedding apps have allowed the bride and groom to connect with their guests on a personal level. Electronic invitations usually come with save-the-date videos functions that also provide the couple to personally invite guests. This way, they do not have to physically invite their guests. Also, the wedding app provides a platform for guests to RSVP.

Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding photo editing enhances cherished moments, transforming raw captures into timeless art. Skillful retouching, color correction, and background adjustments elevate the romantic aura. Through meticulous editing, photographers weave a seamless narrative, ensuring every image reflects the couple’s love story. It’s the final touch that preserves memories with grace and elegance.


Technology cannot replace the important elements of a wedding ceremony. But one advantage that it can offer is that it can make planning that special day less stressful for the couple and everyone else.

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