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Summer, the Season of Bright Hues. Here’s All You Need to Know About It.

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Winters are long gone. It is time to tuck away those woollen clothes and prepare for the summers. You will hardly find a person who is in love with the summer season. The extreme heat, coupled with the high humidity, makes it an unbearable situation. The best way to deal with the heat is to drink lots of water to keep your system hydrated and cool. Healthy diet and lifestyle will assist you to stay at the top of your game this summer. But what about your style quotient? Is it easy to dress appropriately for any occasion during the hot months? For a layman, it may seem challenging. If you have been following current fashion trends, then you need not fret too much. It is time to replace old and outdated fashion notions and embrace the new trends. International labels like Balenciaga, Gucci, Versace, and Tommy Hilfiger have revolutionized the entire fashion sector. Summers are no longer only about dull pastel shades. It is time to experiment with bright, in-your-face hues, and make a bold style statement.

Wear Bright! Stay Light!

Your first aim, while shopping for summer clothes must be to opt for light material. Natural fabrics like cotton, processed jute, soft silk, and linen fit the bills perfectly. They are skin friendly, allow air to pass through, and absorb sweat quickly. Most people feel that wearing light colors will keep them cool. There is partial truth in that. Subtle colors do reflect more light and tend to soak in less heat. But that does not mean one should refrain from deep colors. If you incline deep and rich colors, then you can rock them, no matter what the temperature is outside. The trick is to pick the proper fabric. Once you nail the perfect material that will keep you cool, and comfortable in the summers, you will look amazing during every event.

Bold colored maxi dresses

During summers, women opt for silhouettes that flow easily. Too tight or body-hugging attires will be the cause of much discomfort. If you have the height and body structure, then you will look ravishing in maxi dresses. The soft satin material or long lacey dresses will add sophistication to your look, while the bright pop of color will keep every eye is transfixed on you. Deep plums, burnt brick reds, forest green and shades of blues are ideal for the desired effect.

Colorful leather and summers go hand in hand

Who dares to wear leather during summers? If you care of check out recent fashion magazine covers, you will see celebs sporting hot and sassy leather attires, which causes the temperature to go up some notches. Recent development in leather tanning industry has enabled the factories to manufacture brightly colored leather. Mint green, light brown, brick red and electric blue are some of these hues. Colored or printed leather shorts or mini dresses will set you apart from the rest. Leather shorts or minis will offer optimum comfort during hot months. While on the other hand, men can flaunt denim shorts and step their game up this summer.

Bright color blocking is the talk of the town

If you have a perky personality, then you can create your own unique fashion identity with bright color blocked clothes. Fashion designers make use of neon hues to acquire the desired look. Pencil skirts and tops in fluorescent pink shades, coupled with orange and mustard shades will give you the “straight off the ramp’ look. In case you desire to tone down the color intensity, pick clothes which have a healthy balance of subtle and neon shades, within the same color range.

Bright prints are always in fashion

Not all are confident with pulling off the bring colors. Does that mean they do not have any options but to stay glued with pastel shades? Absolutely not! They can always depend on the printed materials. The best thing about prints is that you can get small, medium and large prints. A dark or subtle background will help these brightly colored prints to pop, without making the wearer too conscious about the color. Blake Lively’s printed tulip pant is a good example of this. As the background is subdued, the bright prints will not look out of place.

Flaunt your tan this summer

Summer is the best time to show off your gorgeous tan. But you need to pick the right colors, which will complement your tan. Dull and deep colors will mask the rich brown glow of your skin. It is here that blinding yellow, cobalt blue, coral reds and light mauves come to the forefront. If you have fair skin, then yellows, blues, and reds will help your tan to stand out. In case you are on the darker side, pale and warm hues will make you pop.

Colors for both men and women

If you have to pick one ultra-bright color that will suit both men and women, then it has to be the different shades of orange. Jessica Alba seems to be obsessed with different bright as well as dusty and burnt shades of orange. For men, bright orange linen or cotton jacked, over an off-white shirt, teamed up with light denim pants, will be appropriate for every event.

Boho chick Victorian shirts in all colors

Women who want to stay with the fashion trends this summer must stock up on their Victorian shirts and pencil skirts. The shirt comes with fluffy sleeves. These are available in subtle as well as bright colors. You will also get these tops in polka dots and patterns.

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