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Three Style Tips for Men in the New Year

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Going into the new year, you want to look your best. Whether your appearance is one of many items on your list of resolutions or you fancy changing up your style, we’ve got some tips that’ll help any guy look good.

Wear a Good Watch

Watches are an essential, especially if your wrists are often on show. If you don’t have one, now is the best time to do get one. Here’s a guide to picking out a good watch for all-round use.

Quality Brands

A watch that has been built in-house by a famous brand will often outlast any other cheaply made counterparts. The added benefit is that you’ll know your watch is authentic, and so will all your peers.

Look at Your Needs

Many sports watches and a selection of others are suitable for being temporarily submerged in water. Overall, this is an excellent aspect of a watch, especially if you’re a swimmer.

If you’re likely to catch your watch on clothing or at work, you should avoid sharper designs and opt for more rounded, smoother timepieces. This enhances the watch’s appearance and can be a quick way of spotting the manufacturing quality.


With your needs in mind, you should also consider the longevity of a watch and what it’s made from. Plastic and fake leather both look less appealing and are weaker than other, slightly more expensive options such as metal and scratch-resistant glass.

Picking a Shirt

There’s a massive selection of shirts that look great; however, two of them can enhance your style and will fit almost any wardrobe with ease. These are the Hawaiian and the Henley.


An upgrade to the standard T-shirt, the Henley is capable of combining both fashion and comfort. Leave a button or two open to show off a strong collar bone, and you’ll be up a few notches on any style meter.


A classic button-up shirt that’s received some judgment in the past, this comfortable and relaxed piece of clothing can still stun any onlooker. There are a few rules to fashionably wearing Hawaiian shirts for men, but follow them, and you can’t go wrong.

A Good Belt Matters

An oversight in many wardrobes, your belt can make or break any outfit. If colors clash or the buckle doesn’t match your other wardrobe pieces, you may gain a few awkward glances.

What to Avoid

Belts are not as complicated as watches, so they’re far easier to find when you’re out at a shop. All you need to avoid is the cheap materials that look and feel unpleasant. It’s worth paying more for a quality wardrobe.


There’s no point in a belt that doesn’t fit. The best way to know this is by trying it on at a shop. By doing this, you will get you the best fit possible. If you order a belt online, the best advice is to purchase one that’s two sizes larger than your pants size, ensuring that there’s room on both sides of the buckle.

However, if you want to step up your belt game, you can purchase a micro-adjustable belt. These have no holes and will fit almost anyone. Plus, as an added benefit, some brands are made to swap the buckle and strap as you’d swap shoelaces.


With belts, one of the most standard materials you’ll find is black leather. The color goes with almost anything, and the material is fancy enough to look good with formal attire. However, this isn’t always the case. Casual wear tends to look better with a casual strap, such as nylon or canvas.

Upping Your Style Is Easy

Fashion and style are often vague and abstract ideas. However, if you use these wardrobe items and pick your colors, you’ll easily stand out in the crowd in the right way. Make this year one to look good.

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