Step by Step Guide on How to Arrange Flowers


You see the beautiful flowers in a vase on the table. They are actually arranged skilfully by an expert before being displayed. It is not just about arranging the flowers stems. But, there are also some procedures on trimming the plants and you also have to follow a care routine to look after it. The following are step by step guide on how to arrange flowers.

1. Gather the Flowers from the Garden

First, you must gather fresh flowers from your garden. To cut the flower, use a pruning shear to snip the stem at a slightly slanted angle. Angled cut allows the plants to absorb more water when you put it in a vase. There should be some space between the place you hold and the place you cut on the stem.

2. Trim the Plants

In addition, you should also pluck the leaves and use the pruning shear to remove the thorns. All the stems should be about the same length so that you don’t end up with short and tall flowers in your vase. Measure the vase height first before cutting the stems. The height of the bouquet must be at least 1.5″ taller than the vase.

3. Buy the Flowers from a Florist

If you did not grow any flowers, you can just buy them from the online florist. You can buy the flower the recipients like and rearrange them yourself in a vase before sending it as a gift. Nowadays, you can access high quality in season and out of season fresh cut flower no matter where you are living.

4. Fill the Vase with Water

Once you have prepared the flowers, you can fill the vase with half full of water. Using less water in the vase you need to change the water more frequently. Warm water is the best because it can help closed flower heads to open fully. Cold water should be used for bulb flowers like hyacinths and tulips as these flowers cannot be exposed to warm water. To keep the water free from bacteria, you can add a few teaspoons of bleach. Sugar can also be added to feed the plant.

5. Regularly Change Water

Every now and then, you must change the water. It is recommended that you change the water every 3 days. Before putting back the stems, remove the wilted petals and leaves. You also should recut the stem to increase their freshness. You are to remove the flowers from the vase and relocate them into a basin of water. Cut the stems under the water to prevent bubbles from appearing. This will help the plant to absorb more water.

6. Rearranging the Foliage and Flower in a Vase

When rearranging the flowers, first add the foliage. Crisscross the foliage in the base so that there is a sturdy base for the flowers. Next, you add the focal flowers which should be the large, heavy flowers. The focal flowers should be spread out on all sides. After that, you can fill in the spaces with smaller blooms. There should be some spaces in between the stems so that the stems can breathe in the water.

7. Keep Your Flowers Away from the Sunlight

Finally, you should keep your flowers away from the direct sunlight, for example in a place that is cool and dark. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the plants to wilt faster. Similarly, it should also be kept away from the heating vents of the radiator. Generally, the flowers can last for 5 – 7 days if you look after it properly. Putting your flowers in the refrigerator will not keep it fresh but causes it to decompose faster.

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