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A few days ago, I attended my cousin’s wedding. We were all charmed by the grandeur of the event, but there was something else that gathered our attention. The bride’s South Indian jewellery! All of the jewellery was bought just before the wedding. Everything new and latest, right from finger rings to Vaddannam. Made us ponder how did they buy all the gold at once, considering today’s skyrocketing gold prices. Then we came to know about the smart saving that the bride’s mother, my aunt made. She invested her surplus money in gold coins and gold bars for this day! So sweet and smart!

Gold plays a pivotal role in Indian culture. We not only treasure it as an asset but also as a gift, well as a symbol of love. It is not new in Indian communities to start accumulating gold from an early age for the child. The usual practice is to buy jewellery right from the naming ceremony for the child, in the form of a chain or bangle. What my aunt did was something smart. Whenever they had extra saving, a bonus or a surplus, she started investing in gold. She didn’t buy jewellery, but she got coins and gold bars. This had two advantages; it helped them hedge against the rising gold prices, and now when they have an actual purpose of buying gold, they get to buy the latest jewellery design available in the market.

Now comes the question, how do you source them? And then, when you want to buy gold jewellery with these coins and bars, what do you do?

Gold coins and bars come in different denominations. Gold coins come right from a one gram coin to a troy ounce of a coin. The gold bars are also available in various denominations starting from a 100 gm bar. Do make sure that, whenever you are buying a gold coin or bar, you check for the purity. Make sure that the coin is 24 karats pure gold and has a symbol of purity like a BIS Hallmark or an Assay certification. These coins can be sourced from many banks and reputed jewellers like Vaibhav Jewellers.

Now your big day is coming up, and you want to buy your exclusive jewellery with these saved bars and coins. You can exchange these 24 karat coins and bars and get the equivalent proportional value of 22 k gold ornament at your favourite jewellery store. My favourite store is Vaibhav jewellers. They always have the latest and trendiest jewellery. Their friendly staff will guide you through the selection process. You can also shop through their state of art video shopping, where you will be shown your choice of jewellery online in a video conference. They have an exhaustive collection of South Indian jewellery, starting from a small nose pin to the long pula jada. The antique jewellery collection is unprecedented.

I have decided that I will hold my horses when it comes to spending money and save in gold instead. I am even thinking that instead of gifting my niece and daughter regular gifts for their birthdays every year, I will give them a one gram gold coin instead.

The gold coin price is something most people can afford, and buying them is the best option if you want to invest your money wisely.

Zara Jones is a valued contributor to various CosmoBC's blogs.

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