Manicuring Tips For Surviving The Summer


The activities of summertime can really do a number on a great manicure, but there is hope. There are several steps you can take to combat the damage swimming, hiking, and other outdoor sports can do to your nails during the summer.

It is easy to get caught up in tending to your skin, as the sun can be a formidable opponent during the summer months, but don’t get so wrapped up in skincare that you forget to take care of your nails.

Here are a few excellent nail care tips that will help you conquer the challenges of summer, and arise victorious over cracked and broken fingernails.

Add that extra top-coat

Before you show your friends just how perfect your cannonball is this summer, apply an extra topcoat to your newly applied manicure. The strong, clear, topcoat will allow your nails to withstand the saturation and chlorine of the pool water.

You may also want the extra protection just in case you bump a wall while swimming blindly. No one enjoys a scratched up nail job.

Use high quality nail polish

No matter what season, your nail job will last much longer if you are using a quality polish. If you haven’t already, research what nail polish lines are best known for their efficiency and safety.

You don’t want a harsh, chemical-ridden polish that could do more damage to your nails than good. Try investing in a cleaner product, and enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting nail polish.

Moisturize your nails and cuticles

You’ll want to keep your nails from becoming brittle and your cuticles from becoming cracked and frayed during the rough and tumble of summertime adventures. Don’t forget to regularly moisturize your hands.

Also, add oil to your cuticles daily if you live an exceptionally active lifestyle. This will keep your nails looking and feeling healthy while you gracefully float along your favorite lazy river.

Use oil-based polish removers

Instead of subjecting your hands and nails to the damage and drying effects of acetone-based nail polish removers, try switching to an oil-based remover.

Oil-based polish removers are just as effective as the traditional acetone mixture, but they do much less damage to the natural biology of your fingernails. They are also less damaging to the environment, so keep it clean.

Don’t soak your hands/nails before painting them

Soaking your hands before applying nail polish is a terrible idea. Waterlogged fingernails will only cause your paint job to crack and peel prematurely. No matter how many top coats you apply, you cannot save your manicure from soggy paws.

Give your fingers plenty of time to dry out. Then treat them with essential moisturizing oils, and begin painting once everything has had time to dry.

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