What’s Hot? The Best Trends to Follow for an Unforgettable Wedding Event in 2018

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Planning for your big day in 2018? We promise you, it’s not too early. Because it’s never too early to start planning for a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. After all, wedding experts suggest planning begin anywhere from 9 to 12 months in advance for a well-orchestrated event.

Not your day to say “I Do”? Maybe you have been appointed the maid of honor for a bestie’s wedding day, and some of the planning has fallen on you? Whether you’re the bride to be, or another invested party, looking for wedding inspiration can leave one spinning in one place. Why? There is both too much to choose from and so many ideas that have been worn out from too much use. In the face of those troubles, what will elevate a wedding to unforgettable status?

Read on for unique trends that will create a memorable wedding day the lucky couple can look back on with satisfaction.

1. Colorful weddings

It used to be that the traditional all-white color was what most couples wanted for their big day. However, color is coming back in full force. From colorful wedding dresses to bright and bold decor and centerpieces, we are seeing proof that weddings do not have to be all white to be to die for.

2. Branded invitations

The use of branding irons by Atlanta branding experts has done a lot to carry the tradition of wedding invitations into the future. People have seen wedding invites of all kinds. But one with a custom logo branded and based off the couple’s initials is its own kind of magic.

3. Food fun

Blame the cooking shows that have been taking over network television. Or the public obsession over everything having to do with food. If you are any kind of foodie, rethinking the traditional wedding dinner is probably already on your radar. What could take the place of a sit-down wedding banquet? Do a buffet style of your dream food pairings. Bring in a chef to do a partial live cooking event. Create food stations around the wedding hall and let people wander about and choose their foods. Providing a different kind of dining experience than the usual sit-down meal will give your wedding a delightful flair.

4. Photo booths

The day of the photo booth is not dead. Yes, anyone with a smartphone has become the new professional wedding photographer. But despite that, photo booths are enjoying their day in the sun. They are easy to combine with whatever theme has been chosen for your wedding. And they provide an icebreaker and an activity for guests to engage in, while also giving them keepsakes to remember the day by.

5. Party entertainment

It used to be that the wedding band provided sufficient entertainment. But the ante is being upped each year. And if that takes the stress off the couple and keeps everyone having a good time, what’s not to like about that? From hiring full on dance troupes, to firecracker displays, to circus acts to comedy specials. If you know what will tickle the fancy of the couple or many of your guests then don’t be afraid to throw an extravaganza. You can show your guests a good time even if they don’t care to dance.

6. Hanging florals

The centerpiece is still there, only this time it’s up and above the table. Yes, this may have begun a year or two back, but the fascination for hanging centerpieces is still going strong. Not only does it provide more space for the food and other props you might want to set up in front of guests. But it also adds that feeling of being in a secluded nook. If you can’t see stars when you look up, then it should be because you see a cascade of floral arrangements above you.

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