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The Gadgets That Will Surely Help You Design Clothes

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Today, we see a rapid growth in the tech industry. There is always a new smartphone to try, a beastly computer, and an app that you can use every day. A lot of people might think that these new gadgets can only be used for entertainment.

But what a lot of people don’t notice is that there are now various gadgets that can also help design professionals with their projects. From drafting sketches to connecting and presenting their projects in front of potential clients, there are new gadgets that will improve these areas for design professionals.

While there are a lot of gadgets that designers can choose from, in this article, you will find some of the best gadgets that will make designing clothes more fun and faster for you.

Intuos Pro Paper Edition

Designing clothes is a process that really takes time. Design professionals are not only investing their skills in their masterpieces, but also their efforts. The Intuos Pro Paper Edition tablet by Wacom is a thin device that designers can use anywhere and anytime.

Now you might be thinking, what makes this tablet different from all of the other ones we’ve seen before. Wacom made the Intuos Pro stand out by allowing users to draw on a paper while transferring the work to the tablet.

This is done by placing a paper over the tablet. A built-in paper clip holds the paper while you are drawing your masterpiece. The special Wacom Finetip Pen is made for sketching both on paper and your tablet. This device comes in two sizes. The large model can accommodate an A4 size paper sheet, while the medium model can be used for A-5 or half-letter size papers.

Another special feature about the Intuos Pro is that you can hook it up to other devices using its USB cable or via Bluetooth 4.2. Designers will definitely find this feature really useful especially when presenting their designs to their colleagues and even clients. Plus, people who are used to drawing on paper will certainly enjoy the features of the Intuos Pro.

Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

Today, there are a lot of apps that designers can use for their work. There are options to use various color combinations. However, most of the time, the only way to do this is to use your fingers to color the parts of your designs, or use a stylus.

If you are someone who wants a more realistic way of giving color to your designs, then the Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus will give you an amazing experience that you will never forget. This stylus might look ordinary at first glance. The Sensu Artist Brush is only 7 inches long which is really a great size if you are someone who is always on the go.

But the real surprise of this device can be seen once you remove the cap. Doing this will reveal a paint brush that you can use for coloring your designs. This is made of synthetic hair that you will certainly enjoy using on your iPad or other devices where you draw your designs.

One of the nice things that you will love about the Sensu Artist Brush is that it makes you feel like you are actually painting your work in a traditional, non-digital way. It’s nice to have modern gadgets for making your designs, but being able to use paint brush for giving life and color your designs is still something else.

Moleskine Smart Notebook

When you first look at the Moleskine Smart Notebook, you’ll think that it’s just another sleek and good looking notebook from Moleskine. But the Moleskine Smart Notebook is not just another notebook. It gives both the digital and the traditional experience of writing on a notebook.

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set contains a Paper Tablet, Pen+, USB cable charger, Pen tip ink refill, and a user manual. The moment you open the box you’ll instantly experience the premium feel of this device. Everything is arranged neatly and properly.

But how does it work?

Moleskine makes everything easier for designers by allowing them to sketch or draw their designs on paper and transfer it directly to their phone, tablet, or other devices, via Bluetooth. The lines and the strokes that the user is making on the smart notebook is transferred in real time using the technology that Moleskine created for their smart pen.

The Benefits of These Tech Advancements For Designers

It’s not an easy task to design clothes. Designers work really hard to put their visions into realities. The technological advancements of this generation is helping design professionals to do their tasks faster in a lot of ways. You might not notice it everyday, but tech is slowly revolutionizing the way people in the fashion industry do their jobs.

One of the most basic examples of this is the internet. The internet is like a portal to a whole new world. It opened our eyes to various platforms that can help designs come to life and fashion businesses to grow. Sewport is one of those platforms that connect designers to their potential clients. As a result, both parties won’t have to do the traditional way of finding partners for their clothing businesses. It saves time, money and effort.

But as a designer, you also have to upgrade the materials that you are using according to your preferences and needs. The gadgets that we’ve mentioned here might cost you a significant amount of money, but remember that investing on good materials, can also improve a lot of areas in your design process. You can be faster, more efficient, and even better.

Sometimes, it is undeniable that it can be difficult to get used to these tools. But through practice and improving your skills, you’ll be able to take advantage of these new gadgets. Aside from this, you might also get overwhelmed about which one is the best for you. The answer to that depends on your needs as a designer. So don’t overthink too much and take your time when choosing one.

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