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Dress Casual: How to Nail a Corporate Look

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Wearing comfortable corporate attire that is not too casual and business-like but still under the office dress code. There is always a horror of men wearing baggy trousers, ugly blazers and wrong-sized shirts inside the office.

It is also scary to dress yourself up too much. If the business doesn’t require any suit-and-tie dress code, then there is no need to show up wearing a business suit every day.

Same happens when going to a corporate gathering, that doesn’t emphasize on dressing in a business suit in an event. Knowing what to wear with feeling underdressed or overdressed can be sometimes difficult for people.

However, learning the basics and knowing what will work on them, will ease some burden from their shoulders. It could also help in scouting new prospects for the company.

Here’s a list of ideas that can help a person in picking the right wear for any corporate events.

Knowing the right fit

A rule of thumb. Every well-fashioned man is to purchase the clothing that fits their body properly.

Nothing is scarier than destroying an outfit because the jacket, shirt, or trouser is too big or too fit. Men have different preferences on the fit that they wear. Some choose to wear loose clothes, while others stick the “skinny” fits. First things first, be patient enough for the right fit.

Knowing how to balance style

After mastering the fit, they can now start revamping their wardrobe. Learning how to mix-and-match pieces that are already part of the wardrobe will be a lifesaver. You can match different clothes on a daily basis, to check which works and which don’t.

Once the closet is now full of the basics, they can now start experimenting and getting more bold with textures, patterns, and colors.

Here are some basic that could spice a revamped wardrobe.

Knowing the essential items


Blazers should sit square and secured on the shoulder. It should also have a slim cut in the sides and finishes just below the butt. Keep in mind that the sleeves should only have a few centimeters about the thumb joint enough that the shirt cuff is visible.

For different weather, there are at least three jackets that you should consider.

  1. Classic Navy Blazer: A piece that is less intimidating that can let the one wearing flaunt their physique. By wearing this, it can instantly make people look smart.
  2. Grey Tweed Blazer: The type of jacket that is perfect for cooler mornings. It is also an ideal piece that will work well with any other fabrics in your outfits like a silk knit tie, cashmere cardigan or a chambray shirt.
  3. Beige Pure Cotton: For days when the heat is on, it is a perfect wear to help maintain a fresh look in the office. Also, the earthy color adds up in brightening the room while others wrapped with navy suits.


Play with any prints but also stock some ugly ones. Owning at least two white shirts will be good for formal occasions. However, if it’s an everyday outfit look in the office, include some patterns and colors to add some spice.

Also, keep the stripes and plaid prints to minimum size, it might be too much if the colors are bold and overpowering.


The same with shirts, having a monochrome set of ties is safe but annoying.  Add textured weaves and patterns to the wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching. Learn how to contrast the shirt that doesn’t clash with it.


Remember to stick with the classic colors like navy and caramel. Also, the fit should not be skinny but slim.

Take courage in adding various colors, like venturing to gray and beige. Also, owning and wearing jeans are appropriate if the workplace permits. Stick on the mid-to-dark wash that is a slim cut.


Owning at least two colors namely brown, black, oxblood or tan will save some stress. Oxfords and loafers are good options, just learn to mix and match.


Adding up little details will add more sophistication and will build a smarter look. A leather watch can be a laid-back style that would finish up the look.


With everything from the right fit to the essentials that are listed here, there will be no excuse for people to wear ill-fitted clothes while trying to impress clients. If they try their best and stick to the guidelines, then there will be no reason for failing on closing a deal.

Sometimes, the way a person dress speaks the nature of how they work.

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