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Some Classic Jewellery for Every Woman

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Not every jewellery design is the same. Some piece of jewellery reaches iconic status and becomes classic pieces. Do you have an inclination to buy the same colour dresses always or outfits of the same style? Does your wardrobe contain only a few go-to outfits? Such styling habits are very common among women’s because this way they create their own unique style and it becomes easy for them to get ready. But an outfit is never complete without perfect accessories with them. No matter whether you are going to the office or some casual party few classic accessories will do a lot of good. This is the main reason you should build your classic jewellery collection. Look for some classic gold earrings designs next time you go shopping. Apart from that, you can also opt for some other jewellery pieces. Let’s have a look.

Diamond earrings

A women’s best friend is a diamond. But the diamond necklace is not affordable for everyone. But with diamond earrings, you will have a whole diverse story. They look simply great when you are going for brunch or a formal meeting. They will give you a shinning look if you are going on a weekend outing and you will look amazingly beautiful.

Pearl earrings and string of pearls

With pearl earrings, you can bring a little diversion to your everyday choice of jewellery. It may be simple but simply iconic. Diamond accomplish things in their own unique way but pearls do everything. If you want to maintain a low-key personality then you should definitely go for pearls. While you can use the diamonds for unique looks but pearls you can use for the regular purpose. Pearls will give a cool and composed touch to your look. To look even more beautiful, you can pair up your pearl earrings with a string of pearl. It will make a perfect combination for a job interview, graduation party etc.


If you are getting ready for some traditional occasion then your look will be incomplete without bangles. Therefore, a pair of simple 10-gram gold bangles with some good designs will give you an elegant look when draped with a beautiful saree or lehenga or other traditional dress.

A necklace with a simple pendant

In most of the occasions its good to wear a necklace that has a more delicate way of catching the eye than another heavy necklace. Therefore, consider buying a good thin and simple chain with a hanging pendant.


If you want to have a candy look then you can add a few bracelets that comes in several shapes and sizes. Based on what type of fashionista you are you can buy bracelets that will be the best match. While some women prefer wearing a pendant bracelet while some like wearing tennis bracelet. Some women love to wear a bracelet every day while some wear it on special occasions.


This is yet another important thing every woman need. If you are not a bracelet person then some small and simple rings will look great but you have arranged them beautifully on your fingers. If you want to catch other people eye then large statement rings will do the work.

So, this is a few things you need to add in your wardrobe.

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