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Best Mens Watches Rolex

What watch brand do you recommend to buy? This is a question that is written daily in the Google search engine. And with so much variety, brands, design and watch models that exist it is impossible to recommend one in particular. So I have decided to help you in the choice in the following comparison.

Best watch brands for men

What watch brand to buy? Which is the best brand? These are doubts that you will always have when buying a watch. Well, it is natural that we hope to make a good purchase that is reflected in quality and a good price.

This post brings to you the best watch brands you should buy. But the most important thing is to know them and choose the brand that best suits you according to your budget. Keep reading!

Many of the most popular brands in the market, undoubtedly, are the ones that sell watches quoted in thousands of dollars. However, this is not always the case; some of them offer their users a wide variety of models at cheaper prices. In such a way, that you can wear a model with fashionable design, of a good brand and at a good price.

Rolex Brand Watch

The Rolex brand comes to occupy our first place. This brand specializes in the manufacture of wrist watches and other luxury accessories based in Switzerland. Its daily production capacity reaches 2000 watches. What makes them one of the companies with the largest stock of watches worldwide?

Without a doubt, it is a very expensive brand, and having a Rolex watch means having a high purchasing power. Buying a model of this brand does not mean that it is a waste of money, quite the contrary, many people buy them for several reasons. They look elegant demonstrating high social class, and the second reason is that they are considered one of the best investments in the long term, as this brand does not lose money or value over the years.

Omega Brand Watch

This brand also recognized for manufacturing luxury watches. Omega was founded in 1848, and is considered one of the oldest watch brands. In addition, it was the driving force in the manufacture of pocket watches during the First World War. This fame is due to the close relationship with sports timing and sponsorship for the Olympic Games. This brand belongs to the Swatch group.

Tissot Brand Watch

Tissot is a very popular luxury Swiss brand. This brand merged with the Omega brand for a few decades and then became a part of the Swatch group. One of the most important aspects is that Tissot pioneered the plastic watch, the wooden clock and even one stone. Its innovation is so much that for some years it has been dedicated to the manufacture of touch glass watches. Despite being a luxury brand, it offers cheaper prices than Rolex and Omega.

Casio Brand Watch

Casios are popular for offering models at affordable prices and with a high quality guarantee. It is a Japanese brand based in Tokyo, where besides watches they produce calculators. One of its most popular and successful selling watches is the Casio F-91 W digital model.

Seiko Brand Watch

Seiko is the watch brand with the largest production of watches in Japan, and also one of the most important worldwide. Today, this brand is dedicated to selling many other watch brands, whose prices range from the cheapest to luxury watches. The most popular watch of this brand is the Seiko 5. This model also offers time, day, date, automatic, water and shock resistant. Undoubtedly an all-terrain watch, for different uses and environments.


Finally, choosing a watch brand to buy will always be a decision that will depend on your tastes and budget types of sports or work performed. The important thing is to have as a main value the quality offered by the brand. I hope this information has been useful for you and has provided you with what is necessary to choose the best watch brand.

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