The Beach Wedding of Your Dreams: What You Need for Your Beach Wedding

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Picture the warm sun just dipping below the horizon, the sky bathed in warm orange light as you walk down the makeshift aisle towards your husband-to-be, your toes burying in the warm sand as the waves crash before you.

This magical image is the reason why many brides choose to marry on the beach. Beach weddings combine the splendor of the ocean and the romance of the beach, with the casual feel of an outdoor wedding.

Costing Out a Beach Wedding

The cost of a wedding can vary pretty wildly and nowhere is that clearer than with a beach wedding. While most people assume a beach wedding is very affordable due to the venue and lack of décor, beach weddings can run into the thousands of dollars if you’re not careful—and that’s without the reception!

The cost of a beach wedding is usually dictated by its location. Private beaches in Nantucket or South Beach can run you a pretty penny, while small, quiet beaches in more rural areas will often be much more affordable, or will only have the cost associated with the permit.

Permits for a beach wedding are almost always required on a public beach. Permits will often consist of application fees, site fees, and insurance costs. You will also be required to have licenses if you’re serving alcohol during the wedding.

Furniture rental and delivery is another significant cost for beach weddings. You will need to have chairs delivered and set up, as well as locate an arch and have that delivered as well. Chair rentals can cost anything from $5 each to $30 each, not including delivery.

The final cost of your beach may be one of the most important ones, which is a backup venue. Though the beauty of a beach wedding is bar none, it’s an unfortunate fact that you can’t control the weather. If you’re planning to have your wedding outside, you will need to consider what you’re going to do if it rains. This could mean a tent rental on standby or a nearby venue.

Beach Wedding Dresses

The dresses for beach weddings are very different than the dresses for traditional weddings, and they are usually the first reason women get attracted to the idea of beach weddings! Beach wedding dresses are more romantic, ethereal and flirty than traditional wedding dresses. They are often simply made with chiffon or silk, have beaded or lace bodices and strappy details. Many beach wedding dresses have billowing skirts that allow for easy movement and are light and breathable.

Beach wedding dresses can be elegant and feminine or flirty and fun, but they are all recognizable for their light fabric and dramatic movement.

Receptions on the beach

Some couples also opt to have their reception the beach. This can be especially appealing in warmer climates with steadier weather. You will want to invest in a tent rental, heaters, and furniture to let guests get out of the chill when the sun dips. You’ll also want to consider where your guests are going to go to the bathroom!

With these things covered, you can have a magical evening with the sand between your toes and your friends and family around.

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