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Accessories That Every Gentleman Should Be Wearing

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Staying on trend is no easy task, but there are classic accessories that can keep you looking debonair now and years from now. Incorporate these classic men’s accessories into your wardrobe and stay polished no matter what life throws your way.

1. A Necktie Roll

Dressing like a debonair gentleman is all in the details. If you’re constantly on the go or traveling for work, keep your ties fresh and unwrinkled in a necktie roll.

2. A Pocket Square

Every self-respecting sharp dresser owns at least one pocket square. Some might say “But it doesn’t serve a purpose!” It makes you look good — that’s all the purpose you need right there. However, these fancy pieces of fabric have history rooted in practicality: King Richard II was said to start the trend of carrying around a high-quality piece of fabric to clean his nose—and block the body odor of nearby individuals.

3. Cufflinks

If you’re trying to dress like a gentleman, you should already have a collection of cufflinks in your wardrobe. These traditional accessories are the semi-formal and formal alternative to buttons, and elevate an upscale look with ease.

4. Collar Stays

There’s nothing like a fresh, crisp collar — and there’s also nothing like the disheveled look of a collar that’s lost its shape through a long workday. Avoid this with a set of high-quality collar stays. These traditional accessories can keep your collar stiff as a board all day long, and there are plenty of ways to personalize a set for a bit of added meaning in your fashion repertoire.

5. A Stellar Timepiece

A watch is a must-have accessory for the stylish gentleman. A classic timepiece never goes out of style, and is far more than a tool that tells time. If you love classic styles, stick to watches with leather bands and bold faces. Whatever you choose, pick something that’ll stand the test of time and complement a variety of ensembles.

6. A Well-Fitted Suit

Something that fits perfectly is bound to look better than something that’s too tight or too loose. We can’t all afford custom fitted clothes, but there are cost-effective ways to find perfectly tailored suits. Shop bargain stores, keep an eye out for flash sales, and know your current measurements like the back of your hand so you can jump on that amazing suit before some other fashion forward fella snatches it up.

7. A Men’s Bag

Guys need a place to hold their essentials, too! With all jokes about “man purses” aside, there are plenty of stylish men’s bags that can help you cart your must-haves from home to office and back again. From sumptuous leather briefcases to casual nylon backpacks, you can find a man bag that suits you perfectly.

8. Sunglasses

Regardless of season, sunglasses are a must-have for the modern gentleman. Even if it’s cloudy and dreary outdoors, the sun’s harmful UVA rays can cause damage to your eyes. Grab a pair of stylish sunglasses that suits the shape of your face. Opting for black or tortoiseshell frames keeps it classic and timeless, meaning you can invest in a pair of shades that lasts you for years.

9. Scarfs

When the chill sets in, make sure you have a stylish scarf to grab. Sophisticated and warming, a neutral beige, black, or grey scarf can help you warm up any outfit during the fall and winter months. Tucked into your coat or tied around the neck with flair, men’s scarves often need a single loop to stay secure.

Encompassing the look and appeal of a gentleman in today’s world means staying abreast of the latest fashion trends — and finding those staple pieces that elevate your personal style. Make sure you have these nine accessories in your collection and take your style to the next level.

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