8 Ways on How to Decorate Your Wedding on a Budget

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Decorations are one of the bigger expenses to take into account when you rent a wedding reception venue. You want your wedding reception to be decorated nicely so that your guests will feel welcomed when they arrive. However, you want to take care to keep in the budget so that you won’t get into a financial problem for having that dreamed wedding reception. The following are 8 ways to decorate your wedding creatively while spending the least money possible to keep on a budget.

Use Inexpensive Lighting

The luxury look of a wedding reception is partly influenced by the lighting that is used. In a large wedding, people often decorate with a large chandelier. However, you can save money by using candles with colour that match with the wedding theme. As for the candle holder, you can get them cheap at the thrift stores. There are also other cheap lighting solutions such as paper lanterns, and wire light bulbs.

Show off Family Photos on a Wire Line

If you have quite a lot of family photos, you can hang them on wireline with wooden peg clips to share with the guests. They can be a good conversation starter giving something for you and your guests to talk about. They can even bring some guests into tears and make this wedding a memorable day that they will never forget.

Use Your Creativity to Decorate Natural Objects

You can make use of items you found in nature to decorate your wedding. You simply need to spend a bit of time adorning these items to make them special. For example, you can write guest names on the pine logs or dried leaves. You can weave branches into many bird nests to hang as decor around the wedding receptions. If you are having a countryside wedding, you can use things like hay bales, and ropes for decoration.

Use Fruits as Wedding Decor

Fruits can also be used as wedding decor. For example, making DIY apple candles, writing Mr. Mrs. on lemon fruits to put on the table, fruit bouquet, and fruit carving. The choice of fruits you use will depend on the wedding theme. Lemons work great for the rustic wedding while apple and pomegranate are best for adding a luxury look to the table.

Create a DIY Wedding Sign

You can make your own decorative sign to let the guests feel welcome. Simply take a piece of nice wood board and draft out the message with a pencil/chalk. After that, use a chalk ink pen to write the message based on the design traced on the wood board. It is also trendy for a wedding to use chalkboard instead of a wood board for the wedding sign.

Tie Balloons in the Wedding Reception

Balloons are one of the cheapest ways to decorate a wedding reception. It is easy to learn how to tie your own decorative balloons. You can learn various balloon decoration techniques on YouTube or blog tutorials. Balloons can be tied to a simple or elaborate structure depending on how you want them to look. You can customize the balloon surface with words. They can also be filled with golden dust.

Buy Your Wedding Flowers from Online Wholesaler

If you decide to use the flower to decorate your wedding, you can look into ordering the flowers from an online florist. Online florist always sells flowers at cheap wholesale price, unlike the local florist. However, you must have some skill in trimming and arranging flowers. Choose flowers that are available in the season to save money. If the flower is out of season, it will be more expensive since it has to be imported. You can also share flowers with another wedding nearby to split the cost.

Borrow Decors from Relatives

Another source where you can get cheap decor for your wedding is relatives. All you need to do is to just ask and they will surely be glad to lend you the decor. Or, you can buy the decor from them for a small price. You can borrow all kinds of stuff from your relatives to decorate the wedding such as chairs, bowls, silverware, and table cloth. It is important to find decor that matches with the wedding theme.

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