6 Questions You Should Ask a Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Finding the best wedding photographer seems to be a tedious job to many couples. However, it can be the easiest task if you know your needs. Over the years, many people have purchased high definition cameras alluding that they are wedding photographers.

Nonetheless, before you make the crucial decision you should find the best and experienced wedding photographer. Once you have shortlisted the best photographers you should ask all the relevant questions. I know some can go overboard but the following are the most important questions you should ask your wedding photographer before hiring one.

The Number of Weddings You do in a Year and in What Time of the Year

The efficiency of a wedding photographer depends on the number of wedding the photographer can do in a year. If the photographer has done more wedding shots in a year, you are somehow guaranteed of high quality work.

You should also inquire the time of the year the photographer has done many wedding shots. This will also help you to know the time you the photographer is able to produce the best.

How Much Do You Charge?

Finances bring many challenges when choosing a wedding photographer. Many couples prefer photographer who charges less. However, do you know the cheaper the photographer the low quality work?

The price of a wedding photographer usually depends on the work he produces. I advise couples not to hire low priced photographers but one who can do or has done the best job in the past.

Can You Show Me Your Previous Work?

After shortlisting, the best photographers you would like to cover for your wedding. Ask them to provide you with their previous work. Some are usually good but do not have the experience you are looking for.

Hence, before hiring a photographer look at his work carefully. Pick the one that has the best previous work in wedding photography. Some tend to steal other photographers work so ensure that it is truly and fully their work.

How Much Editing Will You do on Our Images?

Different photographers have different levels of editing. Too many couples editing is not a big issue. Editing in photograph is very essential. However, due to no knowledge by couples, many photographers take advantage and do shoddy work.

In some instances, a photographer can do basic editing and retouching on your gallery like:

  • Exposure
  • Skin tones
  • Body shaping
  • Get rid of confusing things from the background
  • Imperfection removal

Hence, before you hire a photographer to ensure knowledge of editing is important so that you can be sure of quality photography work.

Do you have the Time to do Pre-Wedding Shooting for Us?

Getting a photographer that will accompany you throughout your wedding preparation is always challenging. Some wedding photographers usually prefer to work with you on your wedding day alone.

This is always expensive for many couples. Hence, prefer to hire different photographers for their pre or post wedding photo shots. Then if this becomes a challenge before hiring a photographer for your wedding event, ensure the photographer can handle the entire event without missing.

If we rearrange Our Wedding Date?

Challenges do happen without our prior knowledge. Even postponing of a wedding event can happen. Therefore, when looking for a wedding photographer you should consider asking if the photographer if he can cope with you when abruptly change your wedding date.

If the wedding photographer is ready for any outcome be sure to hire him or her because you are not sure if any arising problem while you are still planning your wedding.

Are you able to go to the Venue of the Event before the D-Day?

This is an additional question while looking for a photographer. To know the expertise of a good photographer you should ask the photographer could visit the venue of the wedding days before the wedding day to spot areas in which he/she can take important shots.

Weather conditions are usually a problem hence know if the photographer can know the best place to take shots during any weather condition.


Wedding is an important event for many couples. Therefore, many like to cherish this moment by taking the best photos of their lifetime. Hence, having the best wedding photographer I the wish of every couple.

Consequently, before making any rash decisions for a wedding photographer you should do research on some of the best wedding photographer. Hence, after getting some of the best wedding photographers to be keen to know their abilities in order for you to get the best out of the one you hire.

All matters are taken into consideration, with all these questions you should be able to get the best photographer for your beautiful wedding.

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