5 Things that Make Tungsten Wedding Bands Suitable for Men

Wedding Ring

There is no doubt that everyone wants to make the event of the wedding special and remarkable. Like women, men also do many things to prepare for the wedding. However, the wedding ring plays a significant part of every man’s life when it comes to promising togetherness with his better half.

When it comes to a wedding ring or band, you could find thousands of options because the market is filled with wedding bands made of various materials like platinum, gold and diamond. However, wedding bands made of tungsten have gained a huge popularity providing an additional option to all men looking for a different taste. In this article, we will talk about how tungsten wedding bands have become a suitable choice for men today.

Affordable Price

There is no doubt that the cost of gold and other precious metals have been surging tremendously from the last 5 years, which has forced couples and jewelry makers to turn on other metals that come with an affordable price and great durability.

Tungsten is definitely the metal that offers everything a man can dream about the wedding bands. When wedding bands made of gold or platinum come with a price tag of above $1000, one can get the best tungsten wedding bands in the market with maximum price tag of $200-300.

Wonderful Design

The most important thing about the tungsten made rings or bands is that they cannot be hand engraved and can be customized by laser beam only. Those designs created by laser beam often look much better than hand engraved designs that we can find on other metals.

The original color of the tungsten bands is gray, but such rings or bands are also available in black color. Other materials can also be added to pure tungsten so that makers can bring varieties in the design. However, one of the most noteworthy features of the tungsten rings or bands for a wedding is that they come with lifetime warranty against damage and this has made these bands as one of the best choices for couples.

Great Durability

Tungsten is one of the toughest materials that come with a high melting point with the density similar to gold. Thus, the tungsten bands for the wedding are very hard that adds to the durability factor. One can compare the hardness of tungsten with diamonds and it needs low maintenance, as the user will always get a long warranty from the maker. The shine of the tungsten rings and bands comes through diamond wheels and that is why the shine of the rings or bands made of tungsten lasts for several years.

Easy to Clean

One of the most important things about the tungsten bands for a wedding is that you can wash it with all household products like mild hand or dish shop, normal or touchable warm water along with a soft towel and toothbrush. However, never apply chemicals such as bleach and ammonia because those chemicals will wash away the shine of your tungsten ring.

Easy to Buy

Since tungsten bands come with much lower price tag than other bands made of precious metals, most of the physical and online jewelry shops keep a wide range of varieties of tungsten made wedding bands in their stores, which make it easy for people to purchase.

There is no doubt that men always love to wear rings with rugged look offered by metals such as tungsten and the availability of wonderfully designed tungsten wedding rings have made it easy for a couple to choose the product as the best wedding gift for a lifetime.

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