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5 Interesting Gemstone Facts You Should Know

Gemstones are undoubtedly the most precious gift from nature. Since the antiquity, they have been used for gaining astrological benefits and metaphysical impact. The visual exquisiteness of gemstones makes them a desirable possession. They are believed to manifest into a magical talisman for curing the ailments and bringing the good fortunes. Over the years, gemstone industry has transformed tremendously with innovative methods of extraction and treatments being used. Despite the plethora of information available about them, there are certain unknown facts related to gemstones that you must know:

1. There Is A Difference Between Treated and Synthetic Gemstones

Pukhraj Stone Yellow Sapphire

In this industry, it can be intimidating to understand the terminology that defines the gemstones. As a buyer, you should be equipped with proper knowledge about the terms like natural, treated, synthetic and fake gemstones. It is important to understand their definitions to make a right selection.

A gemstone that is ethically mined from the core of earth is called natural gemstones. They are completely unaltered by humans. On the other hand, a treated gemstone is altered in the labs to improve their overall appearance. Synthetic gemstones possess the similar chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as the natural gems. However, they are manmade instead of being mined from earth. These synthetic gems are also called fake because they are not mined naturally.

For example, you can find an original Pukhraj stone (Yellow Sapphire) with pure unadulterated beauty while its fake version will be available with artificial color that becomes evident under the bright sunlight.

2. Every Gemstone Needs A Different Type of Treatment

Panna Stone Emerald

There are some important types of treatments used for enhancing the appearance and quality of the gemstones. For example, you can buy heat-treated yellow sapphire or oiled emerald stone from any online gemstone shop. Every stone is given a different treatment due to its unique chemical composition.

For example, a Panna stone (Emerald) can be brittle in nature. It cannot sustain the high temperature used during the heat treatment. It can cause cracking in the gemstones. Hence, emeralds are enhanced with oiling method that fills the internal fractures for improving the overall clarity of the gemstone. However, this treatment may not be durable. Hence, you should prefer buying natural and untreated precious gemstones from a reliable seller.

3. There Is Difference in The Pricing of Treated and Untreated Gemstones

Neelam Ratna Blue Sapphire

The treated gemstones are always priced lower when compared to their untreated natural counterparts. There are many fake sellers making false claims and using marketing hype to sell treated stones at the price of a natural one. You need to be aware when making a purchase.

For instance, when comparing two similar Blue Sapphire gemstones (Neelam Ratna) having same clarity and lesser inclusions, you may get confused. Here, you should rely on the lab certification provided by a trusted store. It is always better to compare the pricing of the gemstones on the parameters of quality and heat treatments used on them. The cheaper gemstones may not be as effective astrologically as their pure and untreated counterparts.

4. Two Gemstones Can Possess a Similar Scientific Structure

Manik Rubies

Although every gemstone is unique, there may be instances where two gemstones have the same chemical structure. For example, sapphire and rubies are same in terms of their structure. They come from a single mineral family. The only difference lies in their color.

Rubies (Manik) have an exquisite and vivid red color which is caused due to a slight difference in its composition. It is interesting to know that stones with lighter hues of red are called pink sapphire instead of being known as rubies. In this context, you should also understand that blue sapphire benefits are different than the astrological advantages of ruby stone due to these slight differences in their chemical composition.

5. Every Gemstone Has a Specific Hardness

The hardness of gemstones is measured with the help of Moh’s scale. On the count of 1-10, diamond is the hardest gemstone with the rating of 10 on the scale. If you need a durable gem that can be studded into jewelry, opt for the stones having a hardness of 6 or beyond.

In this regard, Neelam stone is an excellent choice not only for its intense blue color but also for the hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale. The value of a gem also depends to a great extent on this factor. Apart from the beauty and rarity, the strength and durability of the stone also matter in their pricing.

These are five facts related to the structure, pricing, and composition of precious gemstones. You should prefer buying them from a trusted store having a strong presence and credible reputation to get the perfect value for your investment.

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