5 Examples of Intriguing Wedding Fashion

Wedding Dress Posing

When it comes to weddings, many couples and families take the traditional route, but then others are more – experimental. And there are all sorts of different ways to approach your wedding day, depending on your personality and the circumstances of your marriage, so if keeping an open mind is your thing, here are a few examples of ways that you can do it.

Considering that cultural makeup, avant garde dresses, themed bridesmaids or weddings, and the idea of a ‘public’ wedding are all far enough outside the norm to be considered unusual, it’s no surprise that these are often the targets of people looking to stick out and be remembered on their big days.

Cultural Makeup

The face of the bride is going to be the focus of the wedding. That’s pretty much a given. And what that means is that if there’s going to be one thing to intrigue your guests about with regard to fashion, it’s the bride’s makeup and presentation of eyes and related aspects of her visage. Be very careful to choose the right options here, and maybe even have the makeup artist do several run-throughs before the actual ceremony takes place.

Avant Garde Dresses

If you choose an unusual wedding dress, then you’re likely to walk that path of having intrigued the wedding guests much more than if you stuck with the white traditional. For some couples, this means finding something that is latched on more to their personalities rather than what has been done in the past, usually something connected to a church or family habit that has been going on through the generations.

Themed Bridesmaids

Sometimes instead of the fashion intrigue coming from bride and groom, the uniqueness is going to come from having a themed bridesmaid group. Again, this is going to be all about personality and the history of the bride and groom, when they feel confident enough in their friends to allow a different type of expression of love and acceptance to shine through the ceremony.

Overall Decorative Themes

When you think of a wedding, typically you’ll have in your mind people seated at a church, lots of somber colors and music, maybe some classical decor. But there are all kinds of reasons to go outside that mold. Are you country people? Have a country wedding! Outside, in the mud, in front of a truck with a jacked up chassis. Go nuts – test the fashion world out in new ways!

The Publicly-Oriented Wedding

There are lots of celebrity weddings that are televised these days, and the fashion aspects of them can be very interesting because of this publicly visible factor. But, even if you don’t have live cameras watching your every move, if you consider your gather from a 3rd party perspective, your fashion choices may be a little bit more unique and intriguing to the people who attend.

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