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4 Best Shoes for Women On the Go

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Busy women face the tricky task of balancing personal style with functional performance. This is particularly important when it comes to shoes. Finding footwear that looks and feels good throughout your long and busy day is a challenging task. Consider these four style staples for a well-rounded collection of footwear that can stand up to your schedule. They’ll give you something for any outfit and every activity.

Flats With Support

Flats are easy options for busy women, thanks to their incredible style versatility. A sleek pair of flats can go from the boardroom to the soccer field without missing a step. While you can wear flats just about anywhere, there are a few key considerations to address to make sure you can do so comfortably.

Flats that are actually flat on the bottom can leave your arches aching, so look for flats with arch support. If you fall in love with a pair that’s lacking, a quality insert can help remedy the situation.

Comfortable Boots

The right boots combine striking fashion with unbeatable function to give you the durability you need when you’re out and about. If your busy agenda takes you across rugged terrain, work boots or Western boots are a perfect pick. Ariat’s line of stylish boots blends elegant embroidery with slip resistance, a durable heel, and a comfortable insole so you can tackle any task.

When you’re choosing boots, remember they have a different type of fit. The heel is meant to slip some, while the boot hugs your foot snugly around the middle.

Sandals That Stay

Sandals are a summer go-to, beloved for their breezy look and cool comfort. When you’re choosing sandals for your on-the-go lifestyle, it’s important to pick a pair that can keep up with your agenda. Watch out for those with excess slippage. A simple pair of flip-flops won’t cut it if you need to take off after a wayward toddler.

Choose sandals, such as gladiator sandals, that feature a stable strap around the ankle to keep them in place. Stick with shoes that can stay in place when you’re on the run, and make these your summer staples.

Stylish Sneakers

If your schedule is packed with play dates, kids’ sporting events, and other active pursuits, the best shoes for your lifestyle are sneakers. Fortunately, you can choose a pair that’s cute and colorful, so you don’t feel like you’re dressing down.

When you’re trying on sneakers, make sure you wear the same type of socks you would wear with the shoes. Shop in the afternoon, as your feet tend to swell during the day, to get a more accurate fit. Your toes shouldn’t touch the end of the shoe, and walking should never be painful, even when the shoe is brand-new.

With the right shoes, you can trek through any terrain, whether your busy day takes you down the aisles of the grocery store or through the rows of the apple orchard. Do it all with these shoes.

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