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The Best Winter Clothes for Women with Curves

Woman Winter Clothing

Dressing for your size can often be difficult if you don’t know what suits your figure or you don’t know what types of clothes to buy. Women with curves are constantly on the lookout for the best types of clothes to wear during the winter months, especially when it’s cold, wet, and windy. It’s all fun and games in the summer when you can put on a t-shirt and some shorts and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately, you’ve got to stay not only warm but also stylish during the colder months of the year. Nobody ever said that when it’s cold you shouldn’t have a sense of style; layering is the key! We’ve put together a style guide on the best winter clothes for women who are struggling to find some basic essentials for their wardrobe. Shopping for winter clothes should be super fun, and if you know what you’re looking for then it’s no stress at all! Carry on reading to find out more…

You firstly need to think about how you’re going to stay warm, the key to winter clothes is to wear something you could in summer but layer it with tights, boots, or even some leggings. Jumpers are extremely popular in the cold weather because they can keep you warm, and they can be accessorized with beautiful pieces of statement jewelry or even some of your favorite pants or jeans. Finding what to wear for your figure, style, and budget is easy if you know where to shop.Find a place that sells quality winter clothes for women but at a lower price than the standard retailer, you can often do this by shopping online for wholesale clothing! Every woman needs some perfect winter clothing to finish off her style.Buying new clothes can also make you feel more confident with your fashion choices and a lot happier with the way you look on a daily basis.

Here are a few pieces of winter clothing that women with curves might like to try out, whether it’s to brighten up your wardrobe or even just to jazz up your style.

Dresses with Tights

Who doesn’t love a good dress to wear?It can be for the office, a party or even just a day out shopping with your girl-friends! They’re very versatile and come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes so you can be sure that you’ll always find what you’re looking for. Wearing dresses in the winter can be quite cold which is why we’re recommending you pair it with some tights. There aren’t any laws about the color of dress you should choose during the winter months but normally it’s the darker colors that work the best,because they look great with a pair of black or nude tights. Black, grey, navy and even maroon are all colors of dresses you could rock if you want to blend in with the crowd. If you’re taking your winter clothes outside of the office or shopping trip and getting into that party mood then you might want to try more adventurous colors like red (it’s totally in right now!), pink or even bright colors like orange and yellow. For those darker skin tones, you can totally rock the brighter colors as they really accentuate all your beautiful qualities! This combo is perfect when put it with some ankle boots or maybe some heels if you’re off on a night out.

High-waisted jeans

A girl’s best friend has to be her trusty-old friend, her jeans! We’ve never heard anyone complaining about the look of some classic high-waisted jeans so why not try them even if you have curves? You can try all different styles too, if you’re into the edgy and daring look then maybe try ripped jeans or if you want to go for a more sophisticated, elegant look then definitely try wearing straight-lined high-waisted jeans! The possibilities are endless when you’re pairing them up with tops too, you can tuck them in or leave them hanging out, whatever your choice may be, it’s sure to look great!

Skater skirts

If you aren’t too confident about your legs but want to show everyone what you’ve got, think about wearing a piece of clothing that will show off your best asset, it doesn’t even have to be your legs! The skater skirt is a classic piece of women’s clothing that pulls you in at the waist and shows off your pear-shaped figure whilst also not making you feel uncomfortable like some dresses may do. Although they’re normally short, skater skirts can be matched with different items of clothing to make them more winter ready too!

Parka coats

What better way to start your day then making your way out onto the cold streets with your big, thick parka coat? It’s the best way to keep super lovely and warm during the colder months and they aren’t too expensive either.As a woman with curves, it’s often hard to find a coat that suits you and your figure! When you spend money on a good coat, you want it to last, and suit youso look carefully when you’re trying on coats. Try asking for a friend’s opinion too, it can never hurt to get told something doesn’t suit you BEFORE you buy it, but if it’s after, it can be very upsetting and ultimately,it’s too late. Be vigilant that not everything is going to suit you and that sometimes you might just need to take a look at something new if your clothes shopping isn’t going how you planned.


The ultimate party outfit for every woman with curves is the much-loved jumpsuit! Mainly because they not only look great but they’re a good price and you can get so many different colors and styles. Although they’re not necessarily a winter clothing item, you can wear them in winter if you’re off to a formal party or family gathering which requires you to dress up. Try pairing it with some tights to keep warm, or if you’re inside for the party then all you need is a jacket for the taxi-ride home. Heels can look amazing with jumpsuits, but they can be uncomfortable so if you’re planning to dance the night away and you don’t want your heels off after an hour of the party, then stick to some pretty ballet flats!

We hope you’ve now got some great ideas of winter clothes for women you can wear during the cold months and that you’re no longer stuck for ideas of clothing items you should have in your wardrobe during the winter months!

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