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How to Wear a Blazer for Any Occasion

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Over the last year, blazers for women have became kind of a big deal with fashion designers and brands. Every fashionista’s closet is filled with a lot more timeless jackets than anyone could ever admit but that still doesn’t stop us from searching the sale racks for a beautiful blazer. It’s a well-known fact that a good blazer should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, and if you don’t own one then you need too. They’re such a versatile piece of clothing, you don’t have to only wear it with office attire. These days ladies put their blazer with anything from a simple pair of women’s pants to jeans or a skirt! The possibilities of how to wear a blazer are endless and that’s exactly why we have put this list together, in case you’re stuck for ideas or even if you just want to vamp up your wardrobe a little! Stick around and carry on reading for some cool tips and advice on how to wear a blazer the best way.

Put a blazer with your favorite crop top and skirt combo

When those cooler nights start to set in, it can be disappointing looking through all your summer bits and knowing you can’t wear anything. Fear not, we’ve got the perfect solution! Get your favorite crop top and skirt combo from your summer wardrobe and pair it with a classic blazer, even if you’re not attending anywhere formal or fancy, it can look great and really add something else to the outfit. Perhaps wear a monochrome piece with a bright red or pink blazer on top to add a pop of color? You don’t have to be too adventurous if it’s not really your style but it’s a great way to mix colors and patterns.

Mix a bold blazer with a printed romper

If you’re off to work or a formal occasion then you want to look your best, right? This tip is really good if you’re wondering the best way of how to wear a blazer. You can get a printed romper or jumpsuit of some sort (make sure it fits your dress code if this is one!) then pair it with a bold, brightly colored blazer. It doesn’t matter what fabric, but velvet is a personal favorite. Add your favourite heels and maybe even a hat if you like to look slightly more edgy, and you’re ready to hit that formal, hard! Blue and yellows go together and as do greens and reds so if you’re looking for a good color combo we can’t stress these colors enough.

Dress it down with add-ons

For those of you still think that blazers are for the formal occasions then this tip will make you realise how to wear a blazer in a casual way. Put a hoodie and graphic tee under your blazer for a fantastic weekend running errands, you could even layer it up with a hat and scarf in the colder months. We recommend adding a pair of black ankle boots or even some sneakers if you want a comfortable outfit. Jeans are rocked a lot during the winter season, who says we can’t dress down our blazer looks with some cute add-ons?

Make a maxi skirt work by adding a blazer

Those colder nights can be super annoying when you want to look elegant, but you also don’t want to freeze, right? Add a simple black blazer over a summer outfit for an instant boost of confidence. Don’t know what your style of blazer to go for? Blazers for women come in all different colors and fabrics but simply rolling up the arms of a blazer can instantly make it look 100 times more chic and modern. Add some classic jewelery pieces like a statement necklace and watch and you’re ready to go.

Add some edgy denim to your blazer style

Going on a night-out with your girl friends and need something to wear that is the right amount of dressy and casual? Stick on some ripped jeans, a nice top and heels then rock your blazer on top. If you’re taking out some essentials, then make sure you’re prepared with a clutch! If you want to add a little more edge then pick a blazer with pretty prints like leopard or flowers, they look great!

Toss it over your shoulders

Rather than wearing a blazer the conventional ways do this style, its one of the most fashionable trends online right now so you’re sure to get lots of compliments and feel great rocking your blazer! Do it like the Europeans and drape it over your lovely shoulders, it will instantly transform your look to elegant and highly sophisticated. Don’t we all want to be the most fashionable professional in the office? You’ll know longer be thinking of what to wear to work today, you’ll already know!

Button it up for the ultimate office look

Don’t settle for a casual look when you’re strutting your stuff into the office, you know you really want to impress the hot guy who sits opposite your desk (we all do!) Simply wear your normal office attire then add your beloved blazer and button it right up! If you’re going for a formal, office skirt and shirt then you’ll look even better than you did before. Before you know it, the boss will be bringing you in for a promotion! You know it will look good, so why not try it out? We recommend neutral colors like grays, blacks, and whites for the office but if you’re going on date you could maybe suit it up with other adventurous colors! Blazers with collars look great for this look, but if your wardrobe is lacking a collared blazer then you could go for a statement necklace to make it look extra chic and beautiful.

Hopefully, you’ve got more of an idea on how to wear a blazer now and you’ll be rocking more than you would otherwise. After all, you don’t have to be going to the office to looking great in a blazer, they can work for all occasions.

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