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10 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Make You Shop For Clothes Now

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Women always tend to have tons of option when it comes to their wardrobes. However, having more than what they need will only crowd their closets. Women tend to have a lot of options since they have tons of clothes.

With this kind of attitude as well, women tend to hoard everything even if they don’t need it. And sad to say, some clothes end up being untouched and rejected. Here are the must have clothes of every woman in their closets. Also with this list, the next time a woman goes shopping, she will have an idea on the essential that she needs for her closet.

Little Black Dress

In every occasion, wearing a little black dress can never be wrong. LBD is a necessity to every woman’s closet to save them for any occasion. Make sure to have the classic knee-length black dress. Also, keep in mind that the dress isn’t too short and it is not very revealing to keep the versatility of the piece.

Here are some of the ways to wear the little black dress.

  • To achieve a good and perfect business casual look, match the black dress with a pair of black pumps, a pair of stud pearls, cardigan and blazer.
  • Wear the little black dress with a statement necklace and a pair of sexy stilettos to master a sassy night look.
  • For a casual go-to look, layer the black dress over a button down white shirt to have an entirely new look.

Black Blazer

There is an underlying power attached with blazers. It is an item that is perfect for both dresses up or down instilling sexy, classy and chic looks. It is also a basic fashion item that every woman should have in their closets. A plain black blazer can complete any look and also helps in adding some character to the wearer.

A blazer is perfect for any jeans and a white t-shirt that will keep the wearer fashionable.

Here are some ideas on how to match a black blazer with a different look:

  • To be in character for a night out, a pair of skinny jean, sheer tank top under a blazer, plus a clutch purse and a high stiletto will be a perfect match.
  • To achieve a casual day go-to outfit, wear a black blazer over a graphic tee matched with colored pants and complete it with a pair of Chucks, rock that comic-book chic.

A Pair of Skinny Jeans

There are skinny jeans everywhere. However, only the styles, designs and colors are the one that varies. Any jeans that are comfortable and last long are perfect investments.

Here are some smart ideas to match a pair of skinny jeans:

  • Wear a light washed jeans to achieve a 90s child vibe then pair it with any T-shirt and heavy-soled combat boots.
  • To have a secret agent inspired look, pair black skinny jeans with a black tank top, black pumps and a black blazer.
  • It can be the most common outfit with skinny jeans, but a loose or oversized top or sweater matched with knee-high boots is a fashion match.

Black Pencil Skirt

It is an item that is essential to a woman’s outfit. Any item in a woman’s closet is perfect to pair with a figure-flattering skirt. Any top added with a blazer can create a polished look.

Denim Jacket

The same with the favorite pair of jeans, a denim jacket is perfect for any outfit. It is an item that is great for layering for both chilly fall days, cool summer nights or just for extra warmth for the winter.

The White T-Shirt

White T-shirt is a necessity item in every woman’s wardrobe. Yes, every woman should own at least one piece of a white t-shirt in her wardrobe. A single white Tee can already create many looks that will keep the wearer on trend always.

With a bit of mix and matching, the white tee is already on the go for another runway show. Dress up the white tee with some necklace or match it with a scarf then the wearer is good to go.

Black Heels

Owning a black heel can save every woman from stress. Peep toes, pumps or stilettos, are perfect for any go-to party or date night. It is comfortable and flatters the feet well.

Every girl in this world should own at least a pair of classic, wearable and simple black pumps in their wardrobes.

Here are some creative ideas to rock a pair of black heel anytime of the day:

  • To achieve a professional look yet always on the go for a hot date, wear the black pumps with a pencil skirt and a tank top blouse and layer it with a blazer.
  • Wear the black pumps with a little black dress and a white button down shirt to rock a classic chic look.

A Ballet Flat

Well, high heels can be painful, and others just hate the feeling while wearing it. Ballet flats are perfect alternatives to gain the confidence that a pair of heels can’t give. It is an item that perfectly goes well with every outfit. The amazing thing about a pair of flats is that they are a staple to any outfit.

Here are some few ideas to wear a pair of ballet flats:

  • To unleash the inner pin-up girl look, match the pair of flats with black leggings and an oversized white dress shirt.
  • Any fitted zip-up hoodie matched with a graphic tee, skinny jeans and a pair of ballet flats can bring back the old high school days.
  • Ballet flats can be a savior in a long event that requires wearing heels


There is a cardigan perfect for any season or occasion. From materials like cashmere, cotton to heavy wool knits, it can cater any needs. Cardigans are perfect for any style the wearer likes. Be sure to hoard at least three to four cardigans with different fabrics, styles, and cuts. The more cardigans in the closet, the more choices a woman can have.


Scarves are underrated when it comes to items that a woman’s wardrobe should have. However, it makes a woman’s clothing more stylish, and it helps in completing a look at any time of the day.


Women tend to buy too many clothes even when they don’t need it and wouldn’t wear it. Whatever fits their taste and budget will also fit in their shopping bag. However, some of the clothes are not worn and kept for a long time. To achieve a timeless and classic look, the ten must-haves above are what every woman needs.

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