10 Tips on Choosing Wedding Flowers by Season for Your Wedding

Wedding Flowers

When you are on cloud nine on the prospect of settling down, you may also find yourself holding a long list of plans and to-do activities. Apart from choosing the venue, menu and guests, a must-decide step is finalizing the decorative aspects.

To help you with choosing wedding flowers by season, we have gathered some amazing tips for a less-stressful and more relaxing wedding.

1. Make a Budget

The first thing you may want to do is to create a budget to check how much can be set aside for wedding flowers. Your budget may vary than the average 8% depending on how much of which flowers you want to use. However, seasonal flowers will come to the rescue if you want to decrease the budget cost.

2. Embrace the Season

Even though you may find an overwhelming selection of flowers, you want to go for something that’s affordable and goes with your theme. Dahlia, Pink Gerbera, Peony etc. go along great with rejuvenating spring whereas Astilbee, Mock Orange, Clematis etc. work perfectly for warm summer. You can also go for all-season flowers like garden roses.

3. Decide the Amount of Usage

Flowers are indeed a significant part of your wedding decoration. Apart from the mandatory bridal bouquet, flowers can be used as table centrepieces and venue ornaments. Therefore, you need to consider how much flowers you want to use and choose seasonal flowers based on your budget.

4. Gather Inspiration

To create a picturesque wedding, you need a precise idea of your wedding decoration. Seek inspiration from your favorite weddings in movies, Pinterest or Instagram. Play with the colors, styles and textures until you are satisfied. Moreover, consider buying flowers in wholesale prices to reduce your cost and to keep options open for using extra flowers as wedding favors.

5. Know the Basics

After you have a clear vision of the usage of flowers, consider some key points of choosing the right seasonal flower. It’s better to select flowers that match the vibe you are going for. Additionally, try to avoid flowers with strong fragrance as table centerpieces. Since it’s not possible to become a flower expert on one night, discuss with your florist for more basics to consider or avoid.

6. Choose Significant Flowers

Choosing meaningful flowers are great for a personalized wedding. Discuss with your partner about which flower seems most significant for your relationship. It can be the flower bouquet that he presented you on your first date or the flowers that found your door when you had a fight. Using seasonal flowers with great significance will add some romantic vibe on the most sentimental day of your life.

7. Consider the Theme and Venue

If you have selected a theme for your wedding or booked the venue, you may want a selection of flowers that go with the concept you are going for. For example, Hydrangeas and lilies go very well with a relatively elegant atmosphere. On the other hand, Peach and coral colored flowers complement the colors of the ocean and the sky in a sea-side wedding. You can also maximize the visual of common seasonal flowers like roses by pairing them with sprigs of greenery or a variety of wildflowers.

8. Consider Your Wedding’s Color Scheme

Considering the color scheme of your wedding before choosing flowers is a total game-changer step. For having the most aesthetic wedding pictures, you want to go for the most perfect flowers that complement the background and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Don’t hesitate to discuss with your florist or seek guidance from online while choosing the seasonal flowers with a particular color scheme.

9. Confirm Your Booking

When it comes to finalizing the flowers, your top priority will be to confirm your booking as soon as possible. Contact with your florist and make sure they can provide the necessary number of flowers and deliver on time. You can also place order from online stores if you want to avoid extra hassle. Check out rose wholesale for placing orders in only a few clicks.

10. Tip for the Day

Quite often flowers tend to wilt on a long day event. Therefore, you want to make sure they are getting proper amount of nurture beforehand. Keep some additional flower vases with flower arrangements on the venue as backups for a perfect wedding day.

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Alicia Oster is a senior florist. She has over 5 year’s expertise in floral design & arrangement. She has catered for several events including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, funerals, corporate events and special events.

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